Rustenburg should vote DA to end to the stench of ANC failed governance and raw sewage overflows

01 Oct 2021 in Press Statements

Note to Editors: Please find attached soundbites in English and Afrikaans by Cllr Ilse Edwards.

Despite the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Rustenburg’s best efforts to bring an end to the constant overflow of raw sewage in the CBD and other parts of the municipality, the ANC-led administration remains incapable to bring a permanent solution. See pictures here, here, and here.

The DA has been proactive, escalating reported leaks with the Municipal Manager, Victor Makona, for immediate intervention. Sadly, no constructive interventions have been forthcoming. We also reported the continuous leaks to the Department of Water and Sanitation, who issued Rustenburg with compliance notices.

Last week, the Rustenburg Sanitation Department reported to the DA that a jet cleaner has been hired to unblock sewerage pipes. However, raw sewage continues to pollute Rustenburg which ultimately flows into the Bospoort dam.

Since 2015, Rustenburg has procured two jet cleaners, but these are always in disrepair, just like the entire ANC-governed local council.

We engaged Municipal Manager Makona today, but he has not responded, and it is clear that he is just not interested to do anything about this.

The DA will continue to apply pressure on the Rustenburg Municipality, but if the people of Rustenburg are tired of the stench of ANC failed governance and raw sewage, they should really vote DA on 01 November so that we can bring an end to the decay of our town and deliver quality basic services to all residents.

The DA gets things done. And there is a lot to do in Rustenburg to improve the lives of residents. We are ready.