Public Works must nullify dubious EPWP recruitments in the North West

Issued by Freddy Sonakile – DA Spokesperson on Public Works and Roads in the North West Provincial Legislature
16 May 2024 in Press Statements

Note to Broadcasters: Please find attached a soundbites in English and Sesotho by Freddy Sonakile.

The DA has written to the MEC of the Department of Public Works and Roads, Saliva Molapisi, requesting that he revoke all irregular EPWP recruitment throughout the province. (See letter here)

This call follows numerous complaints by the DA, that ANC councillors in several municipalities are abusing the EPWP recruitment processes. In a video that circulated late last week, an ANC councillor from Tswaing Municipality is seen instructing EPWP workers to campaign for the ANC or face losing their jobs. (See video here)

This is not an isolated incident. In Ward 1 in Piet Plessis, Kagisano Molopo Municipality, it is alleged that the councillor only hires community members aligned with the ruling party for this government programme.

ANC Councillors need to be reminded that EPWP is a government programme funded by taxpayer money and must be of benefit to all residents, irrespective of their political allegiance. Recruitment processes are an administrative function and must be managed by the administration in line with the Constitution, not by politicians.

The DA has requested that the MEC publicise the recruitment processes followed. We further requested that he revoke all the recruitment processes that have not been transparent and fair and to the benefit of all.

Programmes that are meant to benefit residents must never be politicised.