Not a drop of water for Tosca residents

Issued by Cllr Nicol Muller – DA Caucus Leader: Kagisano Molopo Local Municipality
19 Jan 2023 in Press Statements

Note to Editors: Please find attached a soundbite in English by Cllr Nicol Muller.

The DA in the Kagisano Molopo Local Municipality is concerned about the Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District Municipality’s incompetence and inability to ensure the supply of water to Tosca residents.

Water supply to Tosca has been erratic, while some parts have not received a single drop of water for up to six weeks. The DA has been working around the clock to get the District Municipality to restore the water supply.

Eskom’s rolling blackouts play a significant role in the lack of water supply, but the district municipality has a host of excuses desperately trying to justify the lack of water, ranging from a shortage of diesel to operate pump stations to unauthorised animal water holes.

The DA will write to the Human Rights Commission requesting an investigation into Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati’s failure to ensure water supply, and to compel the district to immediately implement measures to alleviate the crisis while a permanent solution is found.

More than 1000 residents in the Tosca informal settlement have to share a 2 000 litre tank with one tap for water, while no provision is made to supply water to subsistence farmers for their cattle and crops.

Businesses are struggling to deliver goods and services. The Tosca Guesthouse had to suspend operations since they are unable to wash bedlinen, prepare meals, and guests are unable to bathe.

The DA advised the District Municipal Manager, Itumeleng Jonas, and the Mayor, Motseokae Maje, that it brings into operation a strong, but abandoned, third borehole that has been used in the past; however, no steps have been taken to consider this as a solution to try and alleviate the water scarcity in Tosca.

In addition, we wrote to the North West Premier, Bushe Maape, and the MEC of COGHSTA, Nono Maloyi, requesting an urgent intervention to restore water supply. Sadly, the pleas of the community continue to fall on deaf ears.

It is intolerable that the ANC-led government can completely disregard the basic water needs of an entire rural community. There is a complete lack of empathy from the ANC, perhaps because they do not suffer the indignity that comes with a lack of water. ANC Mayors, Premiers, MECs, and Officials live comfortably in luxury with access to clean water while ordinary residents remain desperate for a drop of water to drink during a heatwave.