Residents in Weltevreden forced to buy water due to Ngaka Modiri District’s failure to provide bulk water services

01 Oct 2021 in Press Statements

Please find the attached soundbite in English by Cllr Thabo Selepe, DA Councillor in Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) will write to the Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipal Manager, Allan Losaba, requesting him to table the water challenges facing the community of Weltevreden in the next Council meeting agenda.

These challenges were revealed during an oversight inspection undertaken by the DA MPL, Freddy Sonakile, and councillors who visited the community that is situated 70 kilometres south of Mafikeng.

The DA was informed that there are only three operational boreholes that supply water to residents.

As it stands the large reservoir cannot meet the water demands of the people as it needs at least ten water pumps to fill up to capacity.

One of the water pumps has been without any electricity supply for the past seven months, while the other two pumps were removed two months ago, but never replaced – adding to the water woes of Weltevreden.

The shoddy workmanship at one of the operational communal taps is simply a disgrace. The pipes are not correctly insulated and the pipe should be underground but are above ground.

The serious water constraints are further exacerbated by the dry communal taps. This poses a health risk during the current severe strain of Covid-19.

See video here and pictures here, here and here.

Some residents took it upon themselves to erect water tanks and dig boreholes for their households out of desperation. Then there are residents who do not have the financial means to erect their water tanks and are forced to buy water from them.

On top of all these challenges, the District Municipality does not deliver water to the community as per its mandate of supplying bulk water services.

The municipality is not serious about service delivery and good financial practices as indicated in the adverse audit outcome that they received.

The DA will ensure that this matter is urgently addressed in Council so that the people of Weltevreden receive the water services they are Constitutionally entitled to.

Where the DA governs, service delivery and good governance are prioritised to ensure that residents do not suffer prolonged periods without basic services such as water.