No DA member in Madibeng has defected to the ANC

01 Oct 2021 in Press Statements

Note to Editors: Please find attached a soundbite in English by Cllr Luan Snyders.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in North West seeks to set the record straight on the ANC’s political gimmick today where they allege that a DA member and serving councillor in the Madibeng Local Municipality has defected to join the ANC.

Mr Theophilus Modiha is not a DA member. His DA party membership was terminated following an internal disciplinary process which was concluded on 26 February 2020.

Mr Modiha last attended a council meeting on 26 March 2019. He failed to honour his council and party-political responsibilities.

The DA formally submitted a notice to the Office of the Speaker in the Madibeng Local Municipality on 12 March 2020, informing the Speaker of Mr Modiha’s DA membership suspension, and that he may no longer serve as a councillor representing the DA.

Unfortunately, despite repeated engagements with the Speaker, Mr Modiha’s council membership was not terminated, and he continued to draw the monthly remuneration and benefits of a councillor. The only explanation for this is that Mr Modiha had successfully embedded himself in the corrupt patronage network of the ANC.

Mr Modiha, as a free citizen, may join any organisation of his choice, freely and willingly. It is, however, interesting that he chose to join the morally corrupt African National Congress which through its failed governance and established corrupt network of looting and racketeering have dumped millions of people into lives of misery.

As far as we are concerned, Mr Modiha will be quite content in the ANC if his performance as a DA member and councillor is anything to go by. His track record will assist the ANC greatly, always being absent when people need them, popping up to make empty promises at election time, only to disappear after elections to consume and abuse taxpayer money instead of delivering services to improve people’s lives.