Bushy Maape’s election as NW Premier: The ANC merry-go-round continues

07 Sep 2021 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in North West notes the appointment of Bushy Maape as Premier with considerable scepticism.

As stated before, Mr Maape brings nothing new to the table. We previously elaborated on his history as an advisor to former Premier Mokgoro and how that contributed to the dilapidated state this province is in.

As an opposition party, however, we could not let our voters down and fielded an experienced candidate, Winston Rabotapi, to contest Mr Maape. This is a strong reminder that we are the only alternative for the people of this province.

Mr Maape’s appointment confirms that the ANC has no confidence in the current cohort of MPLs and therefore a candidate was sourced from the streets and sworn in by hook or crook.

As per our mandate as watchdog over our democracy, we will continue to hold the ANC to account.