Bushy Maape as ANC North West Premier Elect: Death knell to a dying horse

18 Aug 2021 in Press Statements

Note to Editors: Find attached soundbites in English by DA Chief Whip in the North West Provincial Legislature, Freddy Sonakile.   

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in North West notes the announcement by the ANC North West’s Interim provincial Committee (IPC) that it has decided to nominate Keabetswe Bushy Maape as a candidate for election to replace Premier Mokgoro. 

The DA is not convinced that replacing Premier Mokgoro with his former adviser will serve the interests of the people of this province. It is indeed shocking that Premier Mokgoro’s poor performance under Mr Maape’s guidance is suddenly forgotten to the extent of being rewarded with the province’s top position.  

Nonetheless, Premier Mokgoro is yet to tender his resignation in the Legislature. Once that is done, a vacancy will be announced and the Legislature will have to convene to elect a new Premier. There is as things stand no guarantee that Bushy Maape will be the successful candidate to serve as Premier. 

The nomination of Mr Maape as the ANC’s Premier candidate is nothing but a factional battle playing out in an attempt for one faction to gain dominance over another. This has nothing to do with good governance or the delivery of services to the people of the North West. 

After 27 years, it is evident the ANC government failed and has run this province to the ground. The DA remains the only alternative that can bring real change trough improved service delivery, good governance and policies and programmes that will put a job in every home.