DA welcomes guilty verdict of 2019 election poster thief

Issued by Cllr Bea Campbell-Cloete – DA Councillor: Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality
22 Apr 2021 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomes the conviction of Mr EA van Zyl for stealing party political election posters during the 2019 Ward 30 Stilfontein by-election.

The DA laid charges against Mr Van Zyl (Case number 6/7/2019) after obtaining video footage of him seen removing election posters from street poles within the Ward 30 area.

The case went to court on 21 April 2021 and Mr Van Zyl was found guilty on the charges of theft. According to the Clerk of the Court, he paid an admission of guilt fine of R2000.00.

The DA commends the work done by the local SAPS in arresting the perpetrator and collecting enough evidence to obtain a conviction. Stolen posters were found at his home in Stilfontein.

With the local government elections scheduled for 27 October 2021, members of the public, as well as members of political parties, must know that the removal of election posters is against the Electoral Act, Section 99, the Electoral Code of Conduct and individuals and political parties can be prosecuted for violating its provisions that seek to ensure free and fair elections.

The guilty verdict and admission of guilt should send a strong message that such behaviour will be investigated and prosecuted.

The DA urges community members to refrain from removing or defacing posters of any political party and to report such incidents to the police should they suspect any such criminal behaviour.