DA condemns campaigning for and politicisation of Naledi Municipal Manager position

04 Aug 2020 in Press Statements

by: Councillor Hendriette Van Huyssteen, DA Councillor: Naledi Local Municipality

On Monday 3 August 2020, during a virtual Council meeting the Democratic Alliance (DA) rejected a list of unsuited and incapable candidates for the Municipal Manager (MM) position in Naledi Local Municipality.

All three of the shortlisted candidates have previously held senior positions in local government structures and there are allegations that they previously contravened the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA). The first-ranked candidate, Mr T Segapo previously held the MM position at Naledi but failed to bring any significant improvement to the municipality’s administration.

The DA also questioned the interview process that was used to shortlist the three candidates as the panel failed to adequately contact previous employers to get references.

It is also unacceptable that shortlisted candidates were allowed to embark on a public campaign to sway favour for their appointment. The position of Municipal Manager is an administrative position which requires certain qualification and skill sets, not political campaigning.

It is a fundamental part of a democratic society that each individual is allowed the space to form his own political views, however, it is not acceptable for shortlisted candidates to attempt to unduly influence the views of the public through the assistance of cronies and, by doing so, turn the appointment process into a popularity contest.

Although it is important to consider the views of the public, council must always seek the best interest of all community members and not just a select few.

It is also alleged that one of the candidates attempted to bring the municipal administration and service delivery to a halt by lobbying his supporters who work within the municipality to not do their work. The selection process for a new Municipal Manager is clearly not open and fair, it is marred by favouritism and political interference.

In light of the recent allegations brought to the DA’s attention, the DA will lay criminal charges against one of the shortlisted candidates, Mr T Segapo for various alleged contraventions of the Municipal Finance Management Act during his previous term as Municipal Manager of Naledi. His past indiscretions do not allow him to be considered for this position.

Despite numerous attempts made by the ANC to unduly influence this process, the DA stood firm and will continue to do so to ensure that a well-suited, capable and skilled Municipal Manager is appointed.

The people of Naledi are suffering without service delivery whilst ANC continues to battle it out for positions.

The DA will not be a part of the ANC’s infighting and factional battles in the selection process of a Municipal Manager. We will continue to fight for the advancement of good governance in Naledi Local Municipality to ensure that residents receive the services they deserve.

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