NW Premier Mokgoro’s ’embarrassment’ at ANC’s governance failures just not good enough, he must act

Issued by Joe McGluwa, MP – DA North West Provincial Leader
31 Jul 2020 in Press Statements

Note to Editors: Please find the attached soundbite in English and Afrikaans by DA North West Leader, Joe McGluwa 

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the North West notes Premier Job Mokoro’s supposed “embarrassment” over the poor track record of service delivery and the rampant of fraud and corruption of the ANC at provincial and local government in the province.

However, in these times, under these circumstances of economic decline, rising unemployment and a collapse in governance and provincial and local government that the ANC leads, being embarrassed is just not good enough.

Earlier this week, Premier Mokgoro attended a virtual meeting with chairpersons of committees in the North West Legislature, who briefed him on the state of collapse in governance, as well as highlighting instances of fraud, corruption and abuse of power by MECs and government officials. This meeting was, for all intents and purposes, nothing more than an elevated ANC branch talk-shop.

For years now, the DA has consistently highlighted issues of fraud, corruption, abuse of power and poor service delivery in North West, at the hands of ANC comrades. Premier Mokgoro has never expressed any embarrassment before.

We have for years called for consequence management against politicians and officials who compromise the integrity of government, yet Premier Mokgoro did nothing. We maintain that Premier Mokgoro is nothing but a caretaker Premier while various ANC factions squabble for power over the scraps left to loot in government. A caretaker Premier allowing his cadres in government to go about their business of self-enrichment at the expense of the people.

What is needed to stop corruption and ensure service delivery that put people first in North West is decisive and accountable leadership. Sadly, since Premier Mokgoro’s first election in June 2018, and having himself reelected following the 2019 elections last year, things have just gotten worse for the people of North West.

More money has been looted, more people have lost their jobs, fewer people have access to water, electricity and decent housing. Hospitals and clinics are dysfunctional, understaffed, poorly equipped, placing a huge avoidable burden on health workers who try to treat patients the best way they can.

To date, not a single performance agreement has been signed between Premier Mokgoro and his MECs. Nonetheless, we are sure that even if these were signed, it would not be worth the paper it is written on. Accountable leadership in the ANC is non-existent, and we see it play out in government, with disastrous consequences.

Premier Mokgoro, cannot be embarrassed that his fellow comrades in government submit a travel claim of more than R1 million. He cannot be embarrassed that 70% of a project budget is spent on logistics leaving on 30% for services.

He cannot be embarrassed by the rampant fraud, corruption, financial mismanagement and abuse of power in his government, because he is the one who is supposed to lead by example. He cannot be embarrassed because 10 of the provincial government departments are under Section 100 administration.

No, Premier Mokgoro, the people of North West do not need your embarrassment. They need decisive action.