Mamusa By-Election: ANC desperate to window-dress service delivery

Issued by Joe McGluwa MP – DA North West Provincial Leader
13 Dec 2019 in Press Statements

Note to Editors: Please find attached soundbites in Afrikaans and English by Joe McGluwa MP

The ANC at both national and provincial government level are desperate to secure votes in the upcoming by-election scheduled for 15 January 2020 and have resorted to window-dressing service delivery.

The ANC-led provincial government has been in Mamusa over the last couple of weeks to hand out token title deeds, promising that the rest will be handed over soon. A blatant lie. Behind the scenes, the ANC national government is hellbent on expropriating property without compensation, so it is quite possible that the title deeds handed out will be taken back should the ANC continue with its plan of expropriation.

Earlier in the year when we campaigned in Mamusa before the 8 May elections, we conducted extensive oversight inspections across the municipality. At the municipal dumping site, we found the entire area operating outside of legislation. See pictures here and here. Yesterday, we again conducted an oversight inspection and the situation has just become worse. See pictures here and here.

It came as no surprise that the National Department of Environmental Affairs is in Mamusa today on a global warming awareness and recycling campaign. See pictures here and here. Although climate change is a serious matter, the people of Mamusa could do with some basic services such as a proper water management plan, clean drinking water, and sewage free streets and communities.

Smoke and mirrors and the abuse of state resources to try and swindle votes out of a desperate community will not do the ANC any good.

The ANC has governed Mamusa since the dawn of democracy and is completely responsible for the collapse in governance, non-existent service delivery and the socio-economic misery the people of Mamusa have to endure.

The alarm bells signalling the collapse of Mamusa under the ANC have been ringing for more than 7 years. Since the 2012/13 financial year, the Auditor-General could not ascertain the financial health of the municipality and issued disclaimer audit opinions.

Marred by internal factionalism, ANC cadres have been fighting each other to secure power through the state to continue the unabated looting and abuse of power we have seen in Mamusa.

Some of the persistent issues that the people of Mamusa have to endure are:

  • Massive unemployment
  • Collapse in even the most basic of services such as the supply of clean drinkable water, sanitation, the maintenance of roads and electricity supply
  • A massive Eskom bulk electricity debt which has ballooned year on year now totalling more than R70 million
  • The collapse in maintenance of electricity distribution infrastructure, most notably broken transformers that are left unrepaired due to a lack of available finances
  • The municipal service delivery fleet has been decimated, leaving only 3 operational vehicles in the fleet, one refuse removal truck, one cherry picker, and a single tractor with trailer. The rest are broken or in for repairs. Those in for repairs are held back by service providers due to outstanding payments
  • A SARS debt of more than R10 million and unpaid third party payments to UIF, Pension funds and medical aid schemes of municipal employees, threatening their lives and livelihoods
  • The Bloemhof water pipeline remains incomplete
  • Broken transformers at the Ipelegeng Sewerage Plant

The Sheriff has started to attach some municipal assets due to a toxic culture of non-payment by the municipality, most recently all municipal  computers were attached, rendering the municipality completely dysfunctional.

On 15 January 2020, the people of Mamusa have the opportunity to say enough is enough through their votes. It is time to rally behind the DA to bring positive change to Mamusa. The DA will immediately begin to restore service delivery in government. A vote for the DA will be a vote for good, clean governance, service delivery and job creation.

We wish the people of Mamusa a safe and peaceful festive season with their families and friends. We will meet again early in the new year to take hands and together, we can take Mamusa forward.