ANC abusing government services to campaign in Mamusa by-election

Issued by Joe McGluwa MP – DA North West Provincial Leader
04 Dec 2019 in Press Statements

Note to Editors: Please find attached soundbites in Afrikaans and English by Joe McGluwa MP

The ANC-led North West Provincial Government has mobilised departments to window dress service delivery in the Mamusa Local Municipality ahead of the municipal by-election scheduled for 15 January 2020. See pictures here and here.

This is nothing short of abusing the powers and services of the state in pursuit of a party political agenda.

The fact of the matter remains that the ANC in government in Mamusa and in North West as a whole have deliberately been neglecting the people. Facts corroborated by the 5 consecutive disclaimer annual audit outcomes in which the Auditor-General could not assess the financial situation of the municipality.

And we cannot ignore the fact that it is as a result of the ANC’s poor governance and penchant for fraud and corruption that has led to the dissolution of Mamusa.

Mamusa has operated on an unfunded budget for the last three financial years and as per the latest information available, managed to spend only 32% of MIG funding.

The current Mamusa Eskom debt exceeds R80 million and is under constant threat by the SOE to implement punitive scheduled blackouts in bulk electricity supply due to non-payment.

In addition, the municipality is R230 million in debt, with R210 million outstanding for more than 180 days.

While we are happy that two elderly Gogos, aged 96 and 87 respectively, finally received their title deeds, COGHSTA MEC Mothibedi Kegakilwe, must explain why beneficiaries need to wait until late in their golden years before enjoying the dignity that comes with owning a home.

MEC Kegakilwe also paid lip service that stalled projects will commence shortly, misleading the vulnerable and desperate people of Mamusa, instilling in them a false hope that things will improve. All in the pursuit of votes.

The question that the residents of Mamusa should ask the ANC-led government is why now?

The DA will further scrutinize the Departmental Annual Performance Plan to verify whether the department did indeed plan and budget for all the services that it are suddenly being delivered to the people of Mamusa, and if not, MEC Kegakilwe will have some accounting to do in the Legislature.

It is a disgrace that the ANC waits until an election to window dress service delivery. In between elections, ordinary people live in dysfunctional municipalities, like Mamusa, where basic service delivery is non-existent. Communities are regularly forced to endure long periods without water supply. Sewage leaks are a common occurrence, roads are pothole ridden, refuse collection remains erratic and there is a general sense of decay, while unemployment continues to rise.

The DA is an expert in local and provincial government. We are ready to deliver services in Mamusa. We are on the ground, engaging communities throughout the municipality. We will continue to fight for the people of Mamusa. Good governance is possible. The people of Mamusa should reject the ANC on 15 January 2020 and give the DA a chance. The DA will not disappoint them like the ANC has been doing for the last 25 years.