DA to lead a march against increasing crime in Orkney

Issued by DA Media –
07 May 2021 in Press Statements

Today, the Democratic Alliance (DA) Councillor, Chris Bester, will lead a safety march to the Orkney Police station calling for SAPS action against the increasing crime in the area.

Orkney has been experiencing a rapid increase in criminal activities such as house burglaries, muggings and theft.

The SAPS station in Orkney has become completely dysfunctional and is failing to provide effective policing to the area. The DA will submit a memorandum calling for well-trained professional police service and proper resources to deal with crime.

The march will be joined by DA activists, local councillors and community members and will adhere to strict Covid protocols.

The events will take place as follows:

Date: Friday,7 May 2021

Time: 10:00

Location: Ceronio Park, Shakespeare Road, near SPAR.

GPS Coordinates: -26.848954, 26.675062